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March 4, 2021

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173 km will be built in the state to connect Delhi-Mumbai corridor. Fourlane road

173 km will be built in the state to connect Delhi-Mumbai corridor. Fourlane Road will change from Delhi-Mumbai Corridor State’s Luck- Public Works Minister Shri Bhargava Bhopal: Tuesday, November 24, 2020, 17:23 IST Public Works Minister Shri Gopal Bhargava has said that 173 kilometer meter connecting Delhi-Mumbai corridor The length-of-fourlane ‘Indore-Dewas-Ujjain-Agar-Garoth’ route will prove to be a milestone in the development of the state. Due to its construction, the economic development of the state will get new momentum. He informed that the award of this route will be passed by December 20. Minister Shri Bhargava said that 244 kilometers of the most ambitious Delhi-Mumbai corridor of the Government of India will pass through Madhya Pradesh. An amount of one lakh crore rupees is being spent by the Government of India on this ambitious project. A target has been set to complete this road by 2023.He said that to get the benefit of Delhi-Mumbai road to the entire Madhya Pradesh, the Central Government has given the request of the Government of Madhya Pradesh for ‘Nadaur-Dewas-Ujjain Agar-Garoth’. Till date, construction of 173 km of fourlane road has also been approved. He said that with the construction of this road, Gwalior to Dewas, Bhopal to Dewas, Indore road will also be connected. As a result, people of all regions of Madhya Pradesh will be able to take advantage of this corridor. He said that with the construction of this corridor, new employment opportunities will be created in the state. Minister Shri Bhargava informed that Union Minister for Ground Floor Transport Shri Nitin Gadkari at the time of approval of Chambal Atal Progress-Way, of the Department of Minerals at the time of the previous government Attention was drawn to the delay in permissions, on which the system has been improved by removing all deadlock in the last six months. The Chief Secretary of the state along with the Public Works Department has regularly reviewed the permissions of mineral and distribution of compensation for land acquisition. During the last six months, during the transition period of Corona, compensation has also been disbursed by collectors and revenue machinery in various districts of the state for land acquisition of more than Rs 540 crore, which is continuing. It is being given in only seven days. Going a step ahead, the state government has also decided to exempt the royalty of minor minerals for the Bharatmala project. In taking advantage of this scheme, Madhya Pradesh will work only a step ahead of the expectations of the Central Government and will establish new dimensions of infrastructure development along with employment and industry.

Anil Vashisht

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