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Chrome 76 is out, making it easy to get past paywalls

Publishers previously responded by simply making articles unavailable altogether if they detect you’re in incognito mode. They did this by checking if a feature called the FileSystem API was disabled in your browser to determine your browsing mode (standard or incognito).

Chrome 76 prevents the FileSystem API status from being detectable. And indeed, I was able to get through the paywalls of each of the pages I tested.

Obviously, you should pay for subscriptions. But if you really need to read that article, now you know what to do – at least until publishers find another loophole.

As for Flash, Chrome 76 disables the plugin by default, but you can still activate it by going to chrome://settings/content/flash. That should be enough to prevent most people from using Flash, while still making it accessible for those who actually need it.

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