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ICC’s job is to run cricket and not look at gloves and logos: Gautam Gambhir comes in support of MS Dhoni

Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s love and support for the army and the security forces found him amid a storm of controversy after his wicketkeeping gloves were spotted having the regimental dagger insignia of the Indian Para Special during India’s ICC World Cup opener 2019 against South Africa on June 5 in Southampton. While ICC rejected BCCI’s plea of allowing Dhoni to wear the gloves in the remainder of India’s campaign after he was found breaching two clauses of the clothing and equipment regulations, the entire nation backed the former skipper to keep the gloves. And joining the bandwagon on Saturday evening was former Indian cricketer Gautam Gambhir who lashed out at ICC. 

Gambhir reckons that ICC’s job is to run cricket and not look at the logos on the gloves. “The ICC’s job is to run cricket in the right way, not to see who is wearing the gallows and the logo on it,” he said during an interaction with TV9 Bharatvarsh. 

Gambhir, who had retired from international cricket in November 2018, expressed that ICC should rather concentrate on making conditions suitable for bowlers as well and not favour tailor-made pitches for batters only. 

“ICC ought to look into the matter that we should not have 300-400 run total. ICC work is to provide pitches for bowlers as well and not make every condition suitable for batters only. The entire logo issue is being unnecessarily given importance,” said Gambhir, who has now turned into a politician. 

ICC found Dhoni in violation of the G1 clause in of its clothing and equipment regulations which states – “Players and team officials shall not be permitted to wear, display or otherwise convey messages through arm bands or other items affixed to clothing or equipment (“Personal Messages”) unless approved in advance by both the player or team official’s Board and the ICC Cricket Operations Department. Approval shall not be granted for messages which relate to political, religious or racial activities or causes.”

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