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March 9, 2021

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Industrialists met Chief Minister Shri Chouhan for setting up industries

Industrialists met Chief Minister Shri Chouhan for setting up industries

Industrialists meet Chief Minister Shri Chouhan for setting up industries Discussion on establishment of International Mega Furniture Cluster and Toy Cluster and Antibiotics Industries in Indore Bhopal: Monday, February 22, 2021, 19:41 IST Instructions of Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chauhan But in Madhya Pradesh, special initiative is being taken to make local products and industries more competitive with countries like China under self-dependent Madhya Pradesh and Vocal for Local. Shri Udaya Kamath, general manager of Karnataka Antibiotics and Pharmaceuticals Limited, a pharmaceutical manufacturer company under the group of local entrepreneurs and a Government of India enterprise, for the establishment of International Mega Furniture Cluster and Indore Toy Cluster in Indore from Chief Minister Shri Chouhan. Vijay Kumar met. Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that all necessary facilities and approvals for establishment of industries in Madhya Pradesh are being given easily and enterprise establishment is being encouraged. He directed to develop infrastructure and provide special facilities as per international norms for the establishment of these industries. Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, Science Technology Minister Mr. Omprakash Saklecha, Water Resources, Fisheries Welfare and Fisheries Development Minister Mr. Tulsi Silavat, Chief Secretary Mr. Iqbal Singh Bains, Chief Secretary to Chief Minister Mr. Manish Rastogi, Departmental Officer, Commissioner Public Relations Dr. Sudam Khade was present.Indore International Mega Furniture Cluster Construction of ‘Indore International Mega Furniture Cluster’ through SPV under cluster development scheme at Village Betmakhurd on Dhar road, 20 km from International Airport near Indore city. Four phases are proposed. It will be developed on 180 hectares i.e. 450 acres. With the establishment of this cluster, more than 12 thousand employment opportunities will be created. There will be a capital appropriation of about Rs 750 crore. Estimated annual turnover is likely to be more than Rs 5 thousand crore. The brand value of the city and state will increase internationally. Export possibilities will increase. Also technology, skills and quality will improve. Opportunities for industries will increase employment opportunities for self-help groups. Increased construction will increase price control. Reduction in furniture imports will save foreign exchange. Indore Toy Cluster: SPV under Cluster Development Scheme in Rau Rangwasa Industrial Area, Indore. Construction of ‘Indore Toy Cluster’ through 3.5 hectare area is proposed. Chief Minister Shri Chouhan has given instructions to provide all necessary support and facilities for the establishment of the cluster. In the first phase, more than three thousand new jobs will be created by the establishment of this cluster. There is a possibility of capital appropriation of about 60 crores. The annual turnover will be around Rs 250 crore. Exports will grow globally. As per the policy of the state government, the first initiative is being taken to create a ‘toy hub’ in Madhya Pradesh. With the establishment of Indore toy cluster, children will be able to get toys at low cost. Efforts will be made to compete with countries like China by increasing the production of quality toys under Vocal for Local. Karnataka Antibiotics and Pharmaceuticals Limited, before Chief Minister Shri Chouhan, the officials of Karnataka Antibiotics and Pharmaceuticals Limited, an enterprise under the Government of India, set up the industry for drug manufacturing – Plan submitted. It was told that 40 acres of land will be required for capital manufacture of about Rs 300 crore by the company for manufacture of medicines at Indore and Pithampur and other appropriate places in Madhya Pradesh and more than two thousand jobs will be created. Chief Minister Shri Chouhan assured to extend all possible support on this proposal.

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