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Modi 2.0: A blueprint

Prime minister Narendra Modi gave his sixth consecutive Independence Day speech from the ramparts of the Red Fort on Thursday. It was his second-longest speech, lasting 92 minutes, just two short of the one he gave in 2016.

In the latest, Pakistan found no mention — a stark contrast to Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Independence Day speech on Wednesday. Imran Khan heavily criticised India’s move to abrogate provisions of Article 370.

After the abrogation of provisions of Article 370, India continues to stand firm on its stance of keeping other countries out of its internal matter.

PM Modi said, “The happiness of the people of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh can become a big factor in India’s prosperity and peace.”

PM Modi added that the previous governments failed to act because they lacked courage. He delivered a more futurist address, announcing the creation of a chief of defence staff (CDS) as head of the Army, the Navy and the Air Force.

PM Modi promised that his government will do everything possible to eradicate poverty as soon as possible.

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