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Online system for advertising to news websites in

New policy has been implemented in the state after the formation of Bhagel’s Government.

This lead to the exclusion of fake websites.

True & right websites and portals are getting benefits.

EoW and High Court case of fake website scam in Madhya Pradesh Public Relations

The transparent online system implemented in Chhattisgarh state for advertising to news websites has become a mishmash for the entire country including other states today, while fake website scam cases have been discussed in Madhya Pradesh Public Relations Department for many years. And this is being investigated by EOW, as well as the matter is going on in the High Court. In contrast, after the Bhupesh government of Congress in the state of Chhattisgarh, not only a new policy has been created for advertising on news websites and portals, but it has also been made online in the public domain to make this policy completely transparent. With this system, fake websites and web portals have been controlled, while the right websites and portals are getting its full benefit.
New rules of advertisement have been implemented in the state by the Bhupesh government to curb fraud. While there has been a clear provision for print and electronic media, the clear standards that have been set with transparency, especially for advertising in the news website, are being appreciated today.
Chhattisgarh Public Relations Department has started a system of online application for advertising on news websites and portals. Googles analysis is an important point in online applications. While applying online, the applicant has to share the Google Analysis report on email.
Specialist officers of National Informatics Center (NIC) and Broadcast Engineering Consultant India Limited (Basil) have been given responsibility by the Chhattisgarh Public Relations Department for testing Google analysis report and other technical aspects as well as Directorate of Public Relations A committee of officers has also been formed in the state. Necessary testing of Google analysis report is done by NIC and Basil officials and only then after examining the applications received online by the members of the committee constituted in the Directorate of Public Relations, advertisements to the news websites found eligible as per the norms of the advertisement rule It is recommended to give. The online website and news web portal operators are very happy with this online transparent system implemented by the state government in the state.

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