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March 1, 2021

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Thrill of e-bike tour and Dhubela tourism at Khajuraho dance festival

Thrill of e-bike tour and Dhubela tourism at Khajuraho dance festival

Thrill of e-bike tour and Dhubela tourism at Khajuraho dance festival Bhopal: Tuesday, February 23, 2021, 16:56 IST Next in mind at the ’47th Khajuraho Dance Festival’ held at the World Heritage ‘Khajuraho’ after the cultural dance evening The morning is filled with the thrill of adventure activities for the tourists. The e-bike tour and Dhubela bus tour organized for the art lovers and tourists by the Department of Culture and Tourism is the center of attraction. On the free Dhubela bus tour, Maharaja is enjoying visiting Chhatrasal’s tomb, Dhubela museum and Mastani palace, while e-bike tour gets overwhelmed by the splendor, architecture and culture of local temples. Shekhar Shukla said that tourists from different parts of the country and abroad got to know the beautiful landscape and architecture of the ancient temple town of Khajuraho through e-bike tour. During the journey from the Western group of temples to the Eastern group of temples, a guide facility has also been provided to give information about the local history and specific style of temple construction. Tourists understood the local Javari temple, Vamana temple, Dulhadeva temple, temple crafts and history of old Khajuraho and also got acquainted with the local culture and art. It is noteworthy that the construction of Mastani Mahal was built by Maharaja Chhatrasal in about 1696 AD. Was done for Mastani. Wajirao Peshwa came here after his victory over Bangash and married Mastani. Dhubela Mahal is presently converted into a museum, where inscriptions, copper letters, Shiva linga and engraved paintings of the Kalchuri and Gupta period are seen. It was constructed by Maharaja Chhatrasal between the 17th and 18th centuries with a mixture of thin bricks, ret and lime. The tomb of Maharaja Chhatrasal is an octagonal structure built in the 18th century. A pradakshina path is also situated in the center of the Samadhi complex. The 47th Khajuraho Dance Festival is being held from 20 to 26 February in Khajuraho based on the traditions of the Indian classical dance tradition. After 44 years, this ceremony is once again being held in the temple premises inside the Western Temple Group. This has given the audience an opportunity to once again watch the performers dance amid the aura of the temple.

Anurag Uike

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