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Tired of molesting, 2 women took strict steps, beating in a big way

Uninterested in molesting, 2 girls took strict steps, beating in an enormous approach

Damoh, Ashish Kumar Jain. In Damoh, fed up with the molesting, two girls needed to take strict motion and never solely beat a mantle, but additionally took out his procession and took him to the police station. The case is of Damoh’s Hospital Chok. Right here, a person used to harass the ladies doing the cleansing work within the district hospital for a number of days and the ladies had been tolerating.

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Late on Wednesday evening, two cleansing employees going house from the hospital had been reprimanded many times, they didn’t stick with the ladies and what was the matter, the center of the market was thrashed fiercely. Seeing Manchale being overwhelmed up by girls, the folks current on the crossroads additionally cleaned their fingers on him.

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Not solely this, as a substitute of calling the police on the spot, the ladies dragged the manachle to the police station. The place he handed over the mischievous manchale to the police and instructed his personal previous. At current, Manchala is within the custody of the police and the police is investigating the matter.

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