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Water will be released from Gangrel for kharif irrigation

Water resources minister gave instructions to release water for irrigation of kharif crop on demand of farmers

In view of the deficient rains in the state, it has been decided to provide water from the Ravi Shankar Sagar reservoir Gangrel for irrigation of kharif crops. State Agriculture and Water Resources Minister Mr. Ravindra Choubey has given instructions to the Chief Engineer of Mahanadi Project to release water from the reservoir into the canals from August 17. Water Resources Minister Shri Ravindra Choubey has issued this directive on the demand of farmers in district level Kisan loan waiver Tihar organized at Arang in Raipur district today. Shri Choubey said that by conserving the amount of reserve water in the reservoir, action should be taken to release water to farmers for irrigation of Kharif crop from August 17. Necessary arrangements should also be made to ensure that there is no water wastage.
    Chief Engineer Mahanadi Project Raipur said that as per instructions, the process of providing water to farmers for irrigation of Kharif crop is being initiated. He informed that as on August 16, the three reservoirs of Mahanadi Project Group, Ravi Shankar Sagar Reservoir, Murrumsilly Reservoir and Dudhwa Reservoirs, respectively have 344.89 mm of water. (44.89 percent), 51.74 mm (31.94 percent) and 108.75 mm (38.28 percent) waterlogging is available. Thus a total of 504.77 mm of water in all three reservoirs. There is water filling whereas in the same period last year, a total of 815.88 mm of water in the above mentioned three reservoirs. There was waterlogging.
    He informed that out of the amount of water accumulated in the above three dams of Mahanadi reservoir project, 140 mm for drinking water, 71 cubic meter for Nistari every year. 85 mm for industrial purpose, 60 mm for evaporation And 40 cubic meters for other local use and fisheries. Thus, a total of 396 mm. Water is kept reserved. After the use of reserved water as mentioned above, only 108.77 mm of irrigation is required for irrigation. Water will remain. Mahanadi canal system includes Raipur, Dhamtari, Balod and Balodabazar-Bhatapara districts, where about 1100 mm of irrigation is required for irrigation in 2 lakh 25 thousand hectare area. Water will be required. The Chief Engineer informed that water filling in the reservoirs at present will provide water in these districts for 8 days.

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