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February 26, 2021

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With all organs failed, this innocent 8 months old baby requires all your support to live

With all organs failed, this innocent 8 months old baby requires all your support to live

Being blessed with a baby was all that I ever wanted, since I was a young girl. It was my dream to have a family of my own. When me and my husband found out that were going to have a son, my life seemed complete with all the happiness.
We were so excited and did everything for our little one’s arrival.

Unfortunately, just 8 short months after his birth, everything began to go wrong. Nothing on this earth could have prepared my family for the cruel fate that awaited us.
In early July 2020, my little boy began to vomit very frequently. I tried my best, but I couldn’t get my baby to keep any food down. Soon after that, he started suffering from severe diarrhoea.
Distraught for him, my husband, Naresh and I took him to the local doctor immediately. We were informed that our son was extremely dehydrated and had lost an unusual amount of weight for his age.
I was completely shattered. Our precious little boy’s health grew worse by each passing day and there was nothing we could do.

At the hospital, he was taken away from me for hours so that the doctors could conduct tests and check-ups to diagnose the issue.
I prayed throughout for my son’s well-being, yet the reality of his situation was far from what I hoped for.
He needed a bone marrow transplant immediately. Naresh and I could hardly digest the news.

“Naresh earns barely Rs 5000 a month, just enough to take care of our daily needs. We begged and borrowed money from anybody who would listen to us to save our baby’s life. After selling all the valuables we own, somehow we managed to pay for the transplant.”
Unfortunately, after his surgery, our baby developed a severe lung injury that became infected. Not just this, his organs weren’t receiving enough oxygen and rapidly started shutting down. Now, he requires urgent care to save his life.
Hooked to the ventilator, his tiny arms are pricked by needles and tubes that are keeping him alive.

“His body has turned dark and he’s lost a lot of weight. His medication keeps him sedated most of the time, but when he is conscious all he does is cry out in pain.”
I cannot see his suffering… and the thought of losing him so soon haunts me each day.
After his transplant, we have no one to turn to to help save his life. We have nothing left and only surviving on prayers.
Your donations are his only chance of survival. Please, don’t let me lose my first baby. I urge you to please help us in these dire and dark times. Donate now for my little son.