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Jagdalpur. BJP’s cluster in-charge and MLA Ajay Chandrakar reached Jagdalpur on Tuesday. During this, he discussed with journalists after the meeting of workers in BJP office, in which he fiercely targeted Congress and its Lok Sabha candidate. Chandrakar said that Congress is struggling to declare the list of candidates because they do not have any face. Regarding the FIR lodged against Kawasi Lakhma, he said that Lakhma wants to buy the innocent people of Bastar by giving money. With this, he has tarnished the pride of Bastar by exposing the character of Congress. On making Kawasi Lakhma a candidate, he asked for information about the remarkable work done by Kawasi when he was a minister and what he has done for the area till now.

Ajay Chandrakar made serious allegations against Kawasi Lakhma and said that he only promoted conversion in Bastar in five years. Konta was converted into a casino and Chhattisgarh became a drug den. Actually Lakhma is contesting the elections out of compulsion. Their aim is to establish their child politically. Ajay Chandrakar has once again brought the issue of Jheeram to the fore by targeting Lakhma as well as State General Secretary Malkit Singh Gaidu.

He said that Congress always makes Jheeram incident a political issue. Two eyewitnesses to this incident are Lakhma and Gaidu. They should come forward and tell the truth. Taking a jibe at State President Deepak Baij, Chandrakar said that what can be said about him, he has not even been able to bring his own ticket. State President Deepak Baij also hit back at Ajay Chandrakar’s statement and said that Ajay Chandrakar wants to become a minister after the Lok Sabha elections, hence he is giving such statements to increase his numbers in the party.

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