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Virendra Gahwai, Bilaspur. The police has arrested the accused who attacked and killed his wife with a tangiya on the night of Holi in Sarkanda area of ​​Nyayadhani. After committing the incident, the accused husband Mukesh Sahu had fled to Nagpur by train. After which, while coming back from there by train, Sarkanda police traced the location and caught the accused from Bhatapara railway station. It is being told that the accused husband was suspicious of his wife’s character and on the night of the incident, when the dispute between the two escalated, the drunken husband killed his wife. Both of them had a love marriage only two years ago.

According to the information, the incident took place in Chingarajpara of Sarkanda area of ​​Bilaspur. Both of them had a love marriage two years ago. Husband Mukesh Sahu (28 years) and wife Shweta Kaushik (23 years) lived in a rented house located in Bharat Chowk, Chingrajpara for the last two months. Mukesh Sahu is originally a resident of Lakhasar of Sakri police station area. On the night of Holi, Mukesh returned home under the influence of alcohol. During this time, the character started arguing with his wife over doubts. Where the dispute between the two escalated so much that Mukesh lost his temper and attacked his wife Shweta with a stick, due to which she died on the spot. The accused husband had absconded after committing the incident. Sarkanda police reached the spot after receiving information about the case and started investigation. While returning from Nagpur, the husband was arrested by the police from Bhatapara railway station. After which the accused was presented in the court and sent to jail.