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Best Aloo Paratha Near Me: Priyanka Agarwal Gupta. When we go away from home for work or study, and eat mess or tiffin food every day, sometimes we miss home and the food prepared by our mother. We miss the taste of his hands a lot. So, if you also miss the hot potato parathas made by your mother, then today in Raipur Famous Street Food, we have brought you a place where aunty will make parathas and feed you with so much love that you will feel like your mother. You will get the desired taste.

Bachelor people are often late in the morning while going to office or college and they go out after eating whatever they need. And if this happens to you every day then you can come here at least twice a week. In this stall called Punjabi Tadka, a very loving couple serves hot parathas. So let us also see how the parathas are here.

Paratha with curd, chickpeas, pickle, chutney

It is said that if you want to eat good paratha made of cabbage, potato and paneer, then you should definitely eat paratha at a Punjabi’s place, because the taste made by them is different. This stall serves hot potato parathas along with chickpea curry, curd, mint chutney and homemade chilli pickle. And believe me, paratha tastes amazing with all these.

fill your stomach in one paratha

Although you will find parathas at many places, but the parathas of this stall are different. These parathas are not very thick. And they are so big in size that it will comfortably fill a person’s stomach. And potato filling is also added in very good quantity to the parathas. And the price of this one plate paratha is Rs 80.

Enjoy cold lassi also

Since mild summer has started in Raipur, and due to this, cold lassi is also available in the stall here, so if you want to drink delicious lassi with parathas, then you can have that too. The price of Lassi is Rs 20, Rs 30 and Rs 50.

Address- “Punjabi Tadka” near NIT Raipur

Time- 8 am to 5 pm