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Cow urine insecticide is a very cheap and better alternative to chemical insecticide

Cow urine insecticide is a really low-cost and higher various to chemical insecticide

Persistently significant initiatives are being taken by the Authorities of Chhattisgarh to cut back the price of agriculture, manufacturing of non-toxic meals grains and to advertise natural farming within the state. In view of the provision of natural manure as a substitute for chemical fertilizers in Chhattisgarh and the efficient outcomes of its use, now an efficient initiative to make cow urine pest management merchandise out there to farmers at an inexpensive price with the goal of decreasing using chemical pesticides in agriculture. has been began. On the particular initiative of Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel, the acquisition of cow urine in Gauthans will begin from the day of Hareli competition on twenty eighth July within the state and the method of preparation of pest management merchandise will begin. Within the first part, Gauthan committees will buy cow urine on the price of Rs 4 a liter in recognized Gauthans of all of the districts of the state, in order that educated girls self-help teams will put together cow urine pest controllers, Jeevamrut (progress promoters). Gaumutra pesticide merchandise ready by girls self-help teams will probably be made out there to Jeevamrut farmers at lower than one-third the value of chemical pesticides out there available in the market.

Cow urine insecticide is a greater and cheaper various to chemical pesticides out there available in the market. Its illness resistance is many occasions greater than chemical pesticides. Its spraying within the fields helps answerable for all sorts of pests. Its use is extra useful towards extra dangerous bugs like leaf eaters, fruit borers and stem borers. Cow urine is sweet for pesticide, sustaining the standard and style of meals, fertility of agriculture in addition to for agriculture surroundings and well being.

Methodology of creating cow urine insecticide – Cow urine pest management product could be made simply. To make it, in 10 liters of cow urine, 2-3 kg of neem leaves and 2-2 kg leaves of cilantro, papaya, guava and karanj should be boiled. When its quantity reaches as much as 5 liters, then it’s filtered and cooled and packed in a bottle. On this means 5 liters of cow urine insecticide is ready.

Methodology of use – Mixing two to 2 and a half liters of cow urine insecticide in 100 liters of water, spraying the standing crop within the morning and night at an interval of 10 to fifteen days, protects the crops from ailments and stem borer pests. The usage of cow urine insecticide is more practical if the pest happens earlier than the outbreak. This illness controller is biodegradable, which is totally secure for the surroundings. Its use doesn’t create immunity in bugs, because it controls pests with a number of actions. Pleasant bugs usually are not harmed by cow urine insecticide.

Price per liter of cow urine pesticide- In keeping with agricultural scientists, the price of making cow urine insecticide prices Rs 39 per liter, which incorporates the price of packaging one liter of it at Rs 15. If packaging is finished in a can, its value is additional diminished. It’s proposed to supply cow urine insecticide to the farmers within the state on the price of Rs 50 per liter, which is lower than one third of the value of chemical pesticides out there available in the market.
Jeevamrut is produced from cow dung and cow urine – Jeevamrit i.e. progress promoter can also be ready from cow urine. It’s a biostimulant, which will increase the motion of micro-organisms in soil and phylospheric micro-organisms when sprayed on foliage. It acts as a primer for microbial exercise and likewise will increase the inhabitants of native earthworms. To make Jeevamrit, 10 kg of cow dung, 10 liters of cow urine, one kg of jaggery, one kg of gram flour, 250 grams of soil below a banyan or peepal tree and 200 liters of water are wanted.

Methodology of creating Jeevamrut – Filling 200 liters of water in a plastic or cement tank, add 10 kg cow dung, cow urine, after including one kg jaggery, one kg gram flour, 250 grams of soil below Banyan or Peepal. Hold it within the shade for 48 hours and canopy it with a sack, as a consequence of which the Jeevamrit is ready. Azospirillum, Phosphate Solubilizing Microbes, Pseudomonas, Trichoderma, Yeast and Molds Microorganisms can be found in abundance in Jeevamrut. This Jeevamrut can be utilized just for 7 days. By utilizing Jeevamrut, the crops get correct diet and the grains and fruits are wholesome.

Precautions and value per liter – Cow urine used for making Jeevamrut shouldn’t be stored in a steel vessel. Solely contemporary cow dung or cow dung stored within the shade for seven days must be used for this. Jeevamrut must be carried out with the primary irrigation of the crop 21 days after sowing the seeds. The estimated value of making ready one liter of Jeevamrut involves Rs.21. It may be offered in a bottle. In Chhattisgarh, the value of Jeevamrit, which is ready in Gauthans, is proposed at Rs 40 per liter.

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