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International Day of Mathematics 2023: History, significance, and theme | World News

Worldwide Day of Arithmetic 2023: Historical past, significance, and theme | World Information

Worldwide Day of Arithmetic or Pi Day is well known on March 14 yearly to recognise the mathematical fixed, Pi, which defines the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. The worth for Pi is 3.14.

It’s celebrated by arithmetic fans across the globe to recognise and respect the significance of arithmetic in our day by day lives. The day is well known by varied colleges, universities, and arithmetic organisations globally with a novel theme with an intention of selling arithmetic training and consciousness.

For individuals who observe the month/date format, March 14 represents the worth of Pi (3.14). March is the third month of the yr whereas the next quantity is 14, therefore the March 14 date.


The theme for Pi Day 2023 is “Arithmetic for Everybody”, proposed by Marco Zarco Rotairo from Philippines’ Trece Martires Metropolis Nationwide Excessive Faculty, based on the official web site of the celebration.

Historical past:

The day was recognised in 1988 by physicist Larry Shaw as he organised a large-scale celebration on the San Francisco Exploratorium in america. It was first celebrated by chopping a Pi-shaped pie, and the recitation of the worth of pi to as many decimal locations as attainable.

The worth of Pi was first calculated by a mathematician named Archimedes of Syracuse. It was later accepted by the scientific group when Leonhard Euler used the image of Pi in 1737.

In 2019, the United Nations Academic, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) in its fortieth Basic Convention determined to look at Pi Day as Worldwide Arithmetic Day.


Pi is an irrational and transcendental quantity, which implies that its decimal illustration by no means ends and by no means repeats. Since its actual worth can’t be recognized, we are able to by no means discover the precise space or circumference of a circle.

Folks in Egypt believed that the pyramids of Giza have been constructed on the rules of pi. The ratio between the peak of the pyramids and the perimeter of their base is similar as that between a circle’s radius and circumference.

The day is well known to recognise and respect the significance of arithmetic in our day by day lives. Pi is a elementary fixed which has been vital in performing calculations and Arithmetic has been studied and utilized by scientists.

It additionally coincides with the start anniversary of scientist Albert Einstein. Extensively famend theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking died on at the present time in 2018.