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iOS 13 Will Finally Get Rid of the Volume Indicator Everyone Hates

Apple on Monday unveiled iOS 13 with a bunch new features. But one of the features that the Cupertino giant didn’t showcase at its WWDC 2019 keynote is the addition of a redesigned volume HUD. The new arrival fixes the annoying volume indicator that puts a large overlay in the middle of the screen, blocking whatever you are watching. Unlike the existing volume control, the redesigned volume HUD appears in the upper-left corner, similar to what some third-party apps had done on iOS as a workaround. The volume level indicator emerges as a big slider at the side of the screen once the volume button is pressed, but with subsequent presses, the slider shrinks down to a thin line. The new experience works in both portrait and landscape views on the iPhone, and is also a part of new iPadOS.

As a list of early iOS 13 beta testers have noted on Reddit, the redesigned volume HUD is a part of the new iOS platform. Apple on its website also mentions that the redesigned control appears in the upper-left corner of the screen. This helps avoid interference with your content.

The existing volume control occupies a large square space in the middle of the screen. However, its redesigned version is primarily designed to enhance the user experience by providing the volume slider on the upper-left corner. As we mentioned earlier, the new control initially appears as a big slider but once you press the volume button or touch the screen to increase or decrease the volume level, it even shrinks down to a thin line.

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