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Male: Hardening his stance, Maldives President Mohamed Muizzu has now said that no Indian military personnel will remain in the island nation past May 10, regardless of whether they are in uniform or civilian attire. According to The Edition, President Muizzu while addressing the residential community of Baa Atoll Eydhafushi said that the Indian military will not reside in Maldives in any form of clothing after May 10. He added said those who spread false rumours are trying to twist the situation.

Muizzu said, “That these people [Indian military] are not departing, that they are returning after changing their uniforms into civilian clothing. We must not indulge such thoughts that instill doubts in our hearts and spread lies,” The Edition reported.

“There will be no Indian troops in the country come May 10. Not in uniform and not in civilian clothing. Indian military will not be residing in this country in any form of clothing. I state this with confidence,” he added.

Opposition Criticism 

Muizzu’s statement comes amidst escalating criticism from the Opposition, which alleged that the Indian military personnel are surreptitiously operating within the Maldives. However, the President maintained that discussions between the two nations have facilitated the orderly withdrawal of Indian military forces.

Shifting Dynamics In Regional Politics

President Muizzu’s stance underscores a broader shift in regional dynamics, with Maldives increasingly gravitating towards China and distancing itself from traditional ally India. Muizzu’s electoral promise of ‘India Out’ reflects this evolving geopolitical landscape.

Diplomatic Efforts And Continued Cooperation

Despite the tensions, diplomatic channels remain open, with both India and Maldives engaging in constructive dialogue to address concerns and find mutually beneficial solutions. The recent arrival of Indian technical personnel signals a commitment to maintaining essential services while respecting Maldives’ sovereignty.

Optimism Amidst Challenges

External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar has expressed confidence in diplomatic resolutions during a recent event, affirming that misunderstandings can be overcome through dialogue. Highlighting the humanitarian role of Indian aviation platforms in Maldives, Jaishankar underscored the importance of cooperation amidst evolving circumstances.

Path Forward: Diplomacy And Collaboration

As both nations navigate complex geopolitical waters, the resolution of tensions surrounding the Indian military presence in Maldives remains a priority. Continued dialogue and cooperation hold the key to addressing differences and fostering a stable, mutually beneficial relationship.