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New Delhi: Transitioning into a new career path is not merely a response to uncertainty; rather, it symbolizes the courageous pursuit of one’s dreams and ambitions. Anupama Anjali’s journey from being an engineering graduate to becoming an IAS officer of the 2018 batch exemplifies resilience and unyielding determination, illuminating the path for aspirants of the UPSC exam.

Hailing from New Delhi, Anupama received her education in the capital city, where she also pursued her engineering degree. Her family heritage is deeply rooted in public service, with her father serving as an IPS officer for 37 years, and her grandfather contributing as a civil servant.

Anupama’s choice to embark on the journey of preparing for the UPSC exam was greatly influenced by her father’s unwavering dedication to public service. Despite encountering initial setbacks and experiencing failure in her first attempt, she remained resolute in her endeavors, refusing to be discouraged.

Her persistence bore fruit when she achieved a commendable rank of 386 in her second attempt in 2017, earning her the esteemed title of an IAS officer.

Following her training at LBSNAA, Anupama was appointed to the Andhra Pradesh Cadre, where she commenced her career as the Joint Collector of Guntur.

In 2023, Anupama entered matrimony with Harshit Kumar, an IAS officer from the 2020 batch, leading to her transfer to the Haryana cadre. Currently, she fulfills the role of ADC in Bhiwani, demonstrating her ongoing dedication to public service and her ability to adapt to new challenges.