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Former Pakistani batsman Javed Miandad made another controversial statement in an interview given to a Pakistani journalist when he praised his relative and Underword Don Dawood Ibrahim for doing ‘a lot’ for the Muslims. Miandad, as big a controversial figure in Pakistan as batter, said that understanding the real Dawood is not easy and the family is not what many perceive outside. Miandad’s statement is also a proof that the wanted criminal is still alive. Every now and then, rumors rise that the underwood don has died. But listening to Miandad speak about him, it is clear that Dawood is still alive.

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Miandad, who played 124 Tests and 233 ODIs for Pakistan, also said that it is an honor for him to be related to Dawood and that Don’s son married his daughter.

The wedding between Dawood’s daughter Mahrukh Ibrahim and Miandad’s son Junaid took place in Karachi in 2006. It was reported that even Dawood was not present at the wedding venue to avoid getting clicked by camerapersons. He is wanted in India in relation with 1993 Mumbai blasts which killed over 250 people.

Dawood is said to be the brain behind several terrorist attacks on the Indian soil as well. Miandad has rarely spoken about his son’s marriage with Dawood’s daughter.

EX-Pak cricketer Javed Miandad acknowledges family ties with Dawood Ibrahim

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Miandad also started a dreaded crime organization called D-company, which is still active. His name is still t here in Interpol’s list of most wanted criminals in the world who are involved in organized crime and counterfeiting.

“I know him for a long time… from Dubai. It’s an honor for me that his daughter married my son. She is very well-educated, and studied at a convent and university,” said Miandad, while speaking on Pakistani journalist Hassan Nisar’s YouTube channel.

“He (Dawood) has done a lot for Muslims. It will be remembered for long,” he added. This statement is quite shocking knowing how Dawood’s involvement in ruining and killing many lives. Born in India, Dawood is allegedly still hidden in Pakistan. The statement reflects poorly on Pakistan as well. For years, the terrorism-hit country is trying to wash off its image as the nation which sponsors terrorist activities. Miandad’s affection for a most wanted criminal who is mastermind of several terrorist attacks makes Pakistan look bad on international stage.

Miandad was born in Karachi on June 12, 1957 and made his debut for Pakistan in international cricket in Birmingham on June 11, 1975. He went on to play 124 Tests, scoring 8832 runs at an average of 52.57, hitting 23 tons in the process. . He also played in 233 ODIs, hitting 7381 runs.

Imran was also had something to say on his former teammate and ex-Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan. Miandad said while Imran was of helpful nature, he did not like listening to the others’ point of view or suggestions.

“Imran Khan’s bad habit is that he did not listen to anyone and forced what he believed is right onto others. He just did not agree that someone else could be right too,” said Miandad.

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