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New Delhi: Nivetti Systems, a leading networking and cybersecurity solutions company, introduced the country’s fastest homegrown internet protocol/multiprotocol label switching (IP/MPLS) router in Bengaluru on Saturday. The unveiling ceremony was graced by Union Minister for Communications, Electronics, and Information Technology, Ashwini Vaishnaw.


The development of this router is the result of collaboration between the Department of Telecom, CDOT, and Nivetti. (Also Read: Veg Food Thali Turns Costlier In February, Non-Veg Cheaper: Check What Are Reasons Behind It)

Key Features Of Nivetti Systems

High-Security Core Router

The latest offering from Nivetti Systems features a high-security core router with an impressive capacity of 2.4 terabits per second (tbps). (Also Read: Good News For Job Seekers! Elon Musk’s Firm X Has Over 1 Million Openings)

Operating System

It operates on Nivetti NiOS, India’s first and only fully indigenous operating system, evaluated for security by Defence Research & Development Organisation-Scientific Analysis Group (DRDO-SAG) and Standardisation Testing and Quality Certification.

Nivetti’s IP/MPLS routers have already found applications in critical infrastructure networks including power grids, Indian Navy, Centre for Development of Telematics, DRDO, and various private enterprises.

Speed And Capacity

The router boasts a staggering speed of 2.4 tbps, offering unparalleled data transmission capabilities.

Versatile Applications

Minister Vaishnaw highlighted the router’s potential to enhance communication networks across various sectors including railways, power grids, telecommunications, and media.

MPLS Technology

MPLS, a routing technique, facilitates efficient data transfer using labels, optimizing network performance.