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World Environment Day : CM Baghel appeals people of the state to save trees for environment conservation

On the occasion of ‘World Environment Day’, Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel has appealed people of the state to make Chhattisgarh green and save environment. He said that pollution in water, air and land is emerging as a major challenge for environment. Global warming and declining rate of rainfall are alarming consequences of the same.

Chief Minister said that it is our glorious tradition to conserve nature and adore trees. In his message to public, Mr. Baghel said that this day underlines the need for striking a balance and developing better connection between human beings and nature. This day serves as reminder for world that we are responsible for environment conservation.

He said that to create awareness across the globe towards increasing level of pollution, UNIP has selected ‘air pollution’ as the main subject this year. We should adopt social forestry-agriculture forestry for environment conservation. Save trees and plant more so that we can pass on a pollution-free and healthy Chhattisgarh to the upcoming generation, said Mr. Baghel.

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