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Where Is My Train App: Indian Railways takes special care of every facility of the passengers. Many times it happens that the train is reaching a certain railway station with some delay. In such a situation, the passenger starts worrying about when the train will reach the station. However, if the phone has an internet connection, the live status of the train can be seen. But, this problem increases further when the phone does not have the facility of internet pack or the pack is exhausted. In such a situation, the passenger’s fear of missing his train increases even more.

If this happens to you too then it will not happen now. You will be able to know the live status of the train even without internet. This can be done only with the help of the app.

How will you benefit from the app (Where Is My Train App)

To know the live location of the train, you will have to download Where is my Train App in your phone. You can download this app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Live Train Location: Real time location of any train, estimated arrival and departure timings, stoppage information and updates on delays/cancellations.

PNR Status: Enter PNR number along with booking status, seat confirmation, coach status and status of co-passengers.

Ticket Booking: The app allows you to book train tickets directly on the IRCTC website.

Next station information: Information about the facilities available at the upcoming station like platform number, inquiry counter location, waiting room, restaurant.

Alerts & Notifications: Instant alerts on train arrival/departure timings, delay/cancellation updates and important information.

Offline Mode: Use the app even when there is no internet connection.